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Edgewood Campus School respects the dignity of God’s children. All children have a right to a quality education. In addition to the pursuit of academic excellence, an Edgewood education will begin to prepare children to live and work with others and to view all people with respect. To support this goal, the following considerations are made in accepting students at the Campus School: 

1. Students are accepted without regard to gender, race, religion, color, and national/ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate based on gender, race, religion, color, or national/ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admission policies, financial-aid programs, athletics, or other school-administered programs.  Children of all faiths are welcomed and expected to share in the religion education program and liturgical celebrations at the school. 

2. The following priorities will be considered in accepting students when there are more applications than places available: 

a. Children already enrolled at Edgewood Campus School. 

b. Children of families with students already enrolled. 

c. Children of families with students in other Edgewood schools. 

d. Children of families that have immediate members who have graduated from Edgewood schools. 

e. Transfers from other Catholic schools that are merging or have closed. 

f. All others will be considered according to the date of application. The school may apply discretionary exceptions to these priorities in favor of fostering values of social justice and personal spiritual development. 

3. Wisconsin state guidelines for age will be followed in the admissions process.

4. An age-appropriate developmental and/or educational assessment by the principal and/or faculty may be given to students entering the school. This assessment assists in the placement of a child. Admission requirements include but are not limited to: review of previous school records, standardized tests, an interview with the principal and classroom visitation. 

5. As a private school, the teaching-learning environment may not be designed to accommodate the needs of all children. The admission process facilitates determining if Edgewood Campus School can provide a suitable educational program for the child seeking admission. 

6. Class size is determined by the principal, however suggested guidelines exist for class size. When a class is at capacity, all applications continue to be welcomed and considered for future admission. 

7. The first year for each student at Edgewood Campus School is a probationary year to ensure that the student and family understand and act in accordance with the mission and values of Edgewood Campus School.  It is the expectation that students will value hard work and good grades; and maintain a positive attendance record.  It is important to establish, during the first year, if Campus School can best meet the educational needs of your child.