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Security at ECS

Safety is a top priority on the Edgewood campus. 

The following security measures are in place:

The entrance doors to the Campus School and middle school building are security locked with electronic card access. Cameras and a double-buzzer system are mounted on the main entrance and activity at this door is recorded.

Cameras monitor and record the entrances and common areas of the school. These are monitored in the elementary office and at the college security desk.

All ECS faculty and staff wear ID tags. We require all visitors to sign in at the school office and receive an identification badge.

Security is an important part of the collaboration with all three Edgewood schools. There are blue emergency phones in various outdoor locations on the Edgewood campus. College security officers, the Campus Activity Center personnel, and Edgewood High School staff monitor activity on cameras strategically placed on the campus. Edgewood College security staff members check the Campus School doors and windows during their evening rounds.

A written safety plan is in place at Edgewood Campus School. Regular drills to practice procedures in the event of fire, lockdown, or other emergencies take place.