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What is the application deadline?

We have no deadline for applications, we accept applications year-round.  At most times we have the next two school years open for Application Packets through our FACTS SIS account.

What is the link to create an Application Packet?

What is the age requirement for the 4K and 5K programs?

Students must be 4-years-old on or before September 1 for the 4K class and 5-years-old on or before September 1 for the 5K class.

Is there an application fee?

There is a one-time $75 application fee.  

Do current families have to complete a new application for each school year?

No, students who are currently enrolled need not apply again.  They will go through the re-enrollment process.

Does Edgewood Campus School have wait lists?

Most school years we do have wait lists for some or all of our grades.  Siblings of current students are given priority, followed by children who have parents or siblings attending Edgewood High School or Edgewood College.  Other children are considered in the date order that we receive the application.

Is there bus service to Edgewood Campus School?

We do not provide transportation for students.  According to Wisconsin law, a pupil attending a private elementary or high school, including four- and five-year-old kindergarten in Wisconsin is entitled to transportation provided by the public school district in which the student resides, if certain criteria are met.  Use this link for more information:

How do parents pay tuition and fees?

Edgewood Campus School uses FACTS Tuition Management for the payment of tuition and fees.  Private school tuition payers can use tax-advantaged 529 savings accounts to pay for k–12 tuition in addition to college tuition.  And, thanks to advocacy by WCRIS, state law allows Wisconsin parents to deduct private school tuition on their taxes. Under the program, parents statewide can deduct up to $4,000 per student in grades K-8, and up to $10,000 per high school student.

Does Edgewood Campus School offer financial assistance?

Edgewood Campus School offers need-based tuition assistance. Families are eligible for assistance after they have been at the school for at least one year. Students must be making satisfactory academic progress and must demonstrate a positive attitude reflective of our values.