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General Contact Information


Address: 829 Edgewood College Drive, Madison, WI 53711


Phone: (608) 663-4100

Fax: (608) 663-4101


Admissions Director: Sally Drea | | (608) 663-4126

Athletic Director: Ayzia Folstrom | | (608) 663-4142

After School: (608) 663-4154



Edgewood Campus School is nestled within the same campus as Edgewood High School and Edgewood College. The campus' main entrance is located off of Monroe Street, which can be easily accessed via popular nearby roads such as Seminole Highway, Odana Road, Nakoma Road, University Avenue, or Regent Street. Click here for our Google Maps location to obtain directions.

Once on Monroe Street, you will search for the main Edgewood entry. Turn into the entrance and continue down Edgewood College Drive, bypassing the high school. At the end of the road, take a left towards Edgewood Campus School.

For instructions on pickup/dropoff procedures, click here.

Faculty & Staff Contacts

  Name Title Group Contact
Diana Albrecht Albrecht, Diana 4K Teacher 608-663-4140
Robyn Bernecker Bernecker, Robyn Grade 3 Teacher
Stephanie Bircher Bircher, Stephanie Grade 5 Teacher
Patricia Brockman Brockman, Patricia Educational Assistant
Mike Byrne Byrne, Mike Director of Buildings & Grounds 608-663-4146
Lauren Costello Costello, Lauren Principal 608-663-4112
Sue Cranley Cranley, Sue Educational Assistant 608-663-4139
Jessica DeMotto-Haun DeMotto-Haun, Jessica Middle School Language Arts Teacher 608-663-4108
Sally Drea Drea, Sally Admissions Director 608-663-4126
Carrie Enstad Enstad, Carrie Music Teacher 608-663-4136
Stephanie Ferger Ferger, Stephanie Grade 3 Teacher 608-663-4153
Ayzia Folstrom Folstrom, Ayzia Assistant Principal
Paul Gessner Gessner, Paul President
Scott Grabins Grabins, Scott Technology Teacher 608-663-4153
Rebeca Herrera Herrera, Rebeca
Valerie Hicks Hicks, Valerie Educational Assistant
Patrick Hurley Hurley, Patrick Middle School Spanish Teacher
Ann James James, Ann Grade 4 Teacher 608-663-4135
Beth Jesion Jesion, Beth Art Teacher 608-663-4130
Sarah Ketterhagen Ketterhagen, Sarah Grade 4 Teacher
Gail Klein Klein, Gail Grade 2 Teacher 608-663-4129
Kortni Kohl Kohl, Kortni Instructor
Laura Leary Leary, Laura Grade 6 Teacher 608-663-4132
Tristin Marotz Marotz, Tristin Educational Assistant
Mary McGuigan McGuigan, Mary Educational Assistant 608-663-4140
Deanna Mleziva Mleziva, Deanna 5K Teacher 608-663-4139
Bridget Moylan Moylan, Bridget Middle School Science Teacher
Margaret Nkemnji Nkemnji, Margaret Guidance Counselor 608-663-4141
Susan Olson Olson, Susan Grade 1 Teacher 608-663-4127
Anne Palzkill Palzkill, Anne President 608-663-4142
Heidi Pankratz Pankratz, Heidi Grade 5 Teacher 608-663-4134
Scott Quincey Quincey, Scott Middle School Social Studies Teacher 608-663-4116
Beth Rhodehamel Rhodehamel, Beth Educational Assistant 608-772-0507
Jamie Roberts Roberts, Jamie Learning Resource Center
Joe Rocco Rocco, Joe Middle School Administrative Assistant 608-663-4100
Kelly Severson Severson, Kelly 4k-6th Grade Spanish Teacher/Intervention
Mackenzie Swenson Swenson, Mackenzie Physical Education Teacher
Kim VanBrocklin VanBrocklin, Kim K5 Teacher
Becca Veinberg Veinberg, Becca HR/Business Manager 608-663-4100
Frances Vizek Vizek, Frances Grade 6 Teacher 608-663-4118
Mark Wegner Wegner, Mark
Galen Wiese Wiese, Galen Librarian
Annah Winfield Winfield, Annah
Michelle Zaber Zaber, Michelle
Carly Ziegler Ziegler, Carly Educational Assistant

ECS Handbook

Many of your questions may be answered through the Edgewood Campus School Family Handbook. Reference it here.